AZ Picker

Skyprint is a new way to use the school's printing facilities. Instead of sending your document to a specific printer, you send it to the "cloud". There your document remains until you go to a printer 
with Skyprint facility (see Fig. 1). Here you will need your student / staff card to print. The printer then downloads your document from the "cloud" and prints it. If you do not print within 4 hours,  
the document automatically will be deleted from Skyprint.

If a printer is busy or broken, you do not need to send the document to another printer, but just find another Skyprint printer.


Activating your student / staff card
The first time you use your student / staff card, it is required to be paired with your user ID and password. You do this by holding your student / staff card close to the symbol located on the
printer (see Fig. 1). On the display, you will now be prompted to enter your user ID and password.Press the keyboard icon on the display and start typing. Please note that you must type your
password exactly as on your PC with uppercase and lowercase letters. When you are done, press"ADGANG", which is a physical button next to the display to log off. This is important because
otherwise others can use your account to make photocopies.
Your student / staff card is now activated. Since the chip in your card is unique the activation must be repeated if you get a new card.

When you wish to print, you can do the following:
Go to web printing page:, login with your username and password and upload your document to Skyprint.
You need to deposit money on your printing account before you print.
On the page you can manage your print jobs and your print account.
You can find a guide to her​e.