How do I make a hand- in on Fronter

 AZ Picker

​All projects and some assignments must be handed- in electronically on Fronter. The hand-in is

confidential between you and your lecturer/tutor. You cannot hand in on behalf of others and
other students cannot hand in on behalf of you.

As far as possible you must only hand in one file pr. hand-in. If needed more files can be handed
Handing in can take place on the team site or sites for specific subjects. The folder for hand-ins
can be found on the left side of the screen:

When you want to submit a hand-in you go to the folder where you want to hand in. The choose
”Upload file”:

This side appears and you are now able to submit a file from your PC:

When you press ”Gennemse” you can choose the file you want to upload by using path finder.

When you press ”Multiple files” you are able to submit more files at the time. How to do that can
be found in the manual ”How to place files on Fronter”.