Access the systems on the school with remote desktop for MAC

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It is possible to connect to the school network and programs for students and staff home through

remote desktop. You must have a Mac with an Internet connection.

You can access the Office suite, e-mail, the Internet and your network drives.

You can’t install programs, etc. on the remote desktop.

1. Remote Desktop for Mac can be found on the App Store on your Mac computer.
Search for Remote Desktop in the App Store, or follow this link:

2. When it is installed, it is in the Applications folder: 
Open Remote Desktop, and the following window will launch:

3 . Click on ”New” and the following windows will launch.

Please enter your username and password you got from the school and type “”
in “PC name”:
In the ”User name” type your school email: "username"

5. After you have save the settings by clicking on the "Red" button in the upper left corner, you
can now connect to the remote desktop by selecting the "U-term" in the list and then click "Start"

6. Then, the following dialog box will launch:

7. Click "Connect Always" and you will now be logged into the remote desktop.